wass wenn nichtswird aus mir


Yazan: Florian Zambrano Moreno

Oyuncu: Birgit Fuchs

Yöneten: Sara Zambrano

Web: https://teatrozumbayllu.net/was-wenn-nichts-wird-aus-mir-2/


5. International Solo Performance Festival (23-28 August 2022)

one day the young Alayna from Libanon wakes up next to a painter from Paris. he was implanted her liver and Alayna slowly realizes that she is not flesh nor blood anymore. She starts to influence the artist’s live, helps him to make a lot of money. but when she realices that his interest on other people increases, she notices that she still is moved by impulses that she thought she had lost with her death and she starts to ask herself how she came in that situation and what has that what moves the world to do with her live.


Bir gün, Lübnanlı bir genç Alayna, Parisli bir ressamın yanında uyanır. Ona karaciğeri nakledilmiştir ve Alayna yavaş yavaş kendisinin artık etten kemikten olmadığını anlar. Sanatçının hayatını etkilemeye başlar, çok para kazanmasına yardımcı olur. Ama onun diğer insanlara olan ilgisinin arttığını fark ettiğinde, ölümüyle birlikte kaybettiğini düşündüğü dürtülerin hâlâ hareket ettiğini fark eder ve bu duruma nasıl geldiğini ve dünyayı hareket ettiren şeyin ne olduğunu kendi kendine sormaya başlar.

Birgit Fuchs

born 1987 in Graz, Austria. studied Acting and Singing at the Conservatorio Klagenfurt, Carintia Austria. worked in various Films and theaterproductions in Austria. last works as actress: Theater im Lendbräukeller (Theaterperformance after „Ich bin das Volk“ from Franz Xaver Kroetz, direction: Matthias Rankov) and teatro zumbayllu („was da wohl in mich gefahren ist“ from Sara Zambrano and Florian Zambrano Moreno.

teatro zumbayllu

The theater was founded in 2012 by Sara Zambrano and Florian Zambrano and realizes performances and productions of a multi-layered nature in exchange with artists of various linguistic and cultural backgrounds, using different theatrical linguistic sources. Through the exchange with other cultural initiatives and theater groups from Austria, Italy, Ecuador and Colombia, among others, it has been possible in recent years to take a few steps towards an international network. In addition to our own productions, more and more events have been organized that broaden the spectrum of access to art in several ways: exhibitions, workshops, lectures, programs for refugees, theater meetings. An important concern for us is to reduce barriers to creative and critical work in order to give voices and bodies to people who otherwise do not have the opportunity to do so.

Despite the diverse activities, the work of the actresses and actors remains the center of the creative activity and the examination of the human body in performative constellations the most attractive moment of approach for us.





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