Director: Asnat Zibil

Actor: Netta Yachin


5. International Solo Performance Festival (23-28 August 2022)


Sabre, 70’lerde SSCB’den İsrail’e yaşanan göç dalgasının ardındaki hikayeyi, yeni gelen, evli üç çocuklu bir anne olan Zhenia’nın bakış açısıyla açığa çıkaran tek kişilik bir gösteri. Esprili, dürüst, otantik ve sulu bir dille Zhenia’nın endişelerini, zorluklarını, hayallerini ve genç kızı Fania ile ilişkisini paylaşıyor. Gösteri, aktris Netta Yashchin’in gerçek hikayesine ve çocukluk anılarına dayanıyor. Sekiz yaşındayken Netta, Litvanya’dan İsrail’e göç etti. Bu gösteri, göçmenlerin ne zaman ve nerede olurlarsa olsunlar karşılaştıkları zorlukları ortaya koyuyor.

A one-woman show which unravels the story behind the migration wave from the USSR to Israel during the 70s from the perspective of Zhenia – a new comer, mother and married with three kids. With humorous, honest, authentic and juicy language shares Zhenia her concerns, hardship, dreams and relationship with her teenage daughter Fania. The show is based on the actresses Netta Yashchin true story and her childhood memories. She migrated to Israel from Lithuania when she was eight years old. This show exposes the difficulties and challenges migrants face whenever and wherever they are.

Netta Yashchin – The actress   

Netta has graduated from the Tel-Aviv University Acting department in 1993. She was an actress for one of Israel’s most innovative theatres companies the Itim Ensemble. Itim’s production Va-Yomer, Va-Yelech was presented in the 1998 Telstra Adelaide Festival.

In 1998 Netta had met her x husband in Adelaide and moved to live in Australia.

Since arriving to Adelaide she formed the Yashchin Ensemble, a group of Adelaide Actors. The Ensemble presented a hand full of earth, Mnemosyne, and The Intimate.

She performed in the show Checklist for an armed robber with Vitalstatistics. Directed The Hit, by Christos Tsiolkas with Doppio Parrallelo.  Antigone with Urban Myth. Directed “Talk to me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen…” By Tennessee Williams for STC SA 2007.  She performed in Memmie Le- Blank with Deckchair theatre and in the 2008 Adelaide Fringe in Queen’s theatre.

Netta undertook the post graduate course in directing at NIDA 2009. Since then, she directed many productions among them Woytzeck by Georg Buchner for the B Sharp season at Belvoir st.  Theatre. In 2011 she staged her first chamber opera Notes from Underground by Dostoyevsky with the Sydney Chamber Opera.

In 2015 she had returned to Israel and since worked as an assistant with the Israeli opera.  Acted and directed “I only came to use the phone” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and won a prestigious prize for the adaptation in the fringe “The golden porcupine”, she also worked as a lector with the Haifa university and created her own version for the wizard of Oz with the students called “Somewhere over the rainbow”. Netta is also a composer and she had recently received a grant to develop her own material as a singer and song writer form the board for independent creators. She had created the show ” Dorothy is coming back from Oztralia”.

She wrote and acted  “Sabre” (A native-born Israeli) for the Teatroneto festival              in Tel- Aviv 2021.

Asnat Zibil – The director 

In August 2016 Asnat had performed her one woman show “Exodus from Egypt” in Turkey’s International Monodrama Festival Monofest.

It will be a great honor to return to your festival, this time as the director of Sabre!

Asnat Zibil graduated from the school of theater arts at “Seminar HaKibbutzim” (1991).

Asnat was a member of “Itim Theater Ensemble”, where she performed in “Romeo and Juliet”(1993-1995) and The Bible project “Va Yomer” (“And he Said”) “Va Yelech” (And he Walked)”(1995-2000). With the shows she performed at leading theaters and festivals around the world, including the London International Festival of Theater, the Adelaide Festival in Australia and at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Over the years Ms. Zibil has produced a variety of shows presenting Israeli classics, poetry events and shows about literature and theater. She performs these shows with Israel’s leading actors and musicians.

In the year 2000 Zibil directed a children’s play “My Witches Wand” that won four awards at the International Festival for Children’s Theater in Haifa.

Between 2001- 2021 “Nephesh Theater” produced a number of plays which Ms. Zibil’s directed: “To Jump Above the Clouds”, “One Voice” which won the best show nomination at the Assitej Festival, ” Alone between four walls”.

Through the years Asnat had directed five one Man/Woman shows which are currently being presented all over Israel.

Ms. Zibil is also a voice-over artist on films and different projects. She most recently recorded the voiceover on a film “A Bird in a Room” the life story of one of Israel’s most renowned poets.

Asnat is directing and working as a drama teacher at the prestigious acting school   “Beit Tzvi” in Tel Aviv.

Currently Asnat is working at the Habima National Theatre as a language instructor and an actors coach.


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