Body / Objects-Material


5. Uluslararası Tek Kişilik Oyunlar Festivali  (23-28 August 2022)


This workshop is concentrate to objects in relation with body and Image.
It’s about : How can we enter in relation with objects or material.

Yannick Stasiak

Passionate about performing Arts, I worked in the coordination of cultural projects. I studied puppetry and performing arts at the Conservatory of Amiens then at the University of Stuttgart. I studied as Erasmus student in 2017-2018 at the Dramatic Art University of Prag. I like to explore new practices with artists from various experiences , disciplines and share my experience. I directed One day, Fragile and a contemporary visual version of Chaperon rouge.

I work with the compagnie Entre les fils as puppeter, performer and artistic director.

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