Life at Medrese

We have been constructing The Medrese since October 2011. Every summer we stop the construction and start the summer workshops. Nowadays we are about the finalise the construction hopefully. We started with a little studio and just one dormitory in the first summer. Now we have 3 inspirational rehearsal spaces and private rooms with bathrooms. We even have a central heating system for the residents in the winter. Here are living and working spaces:

Rooms and Dormitories

The number of the beds shows the optimum number. We can arrange the rooms for more and less people, if necessary.

The Rooms in The Colorful Street

In the 3rd year of construction we found out that we don’t have enough money to complete the roof. Yet we needed some more rooms to host more guests. So we decided to construct extra rooms behind the Medrese. Then a very pretty street and 4 pretty rooms occurred. The rooms have central heating system. The residents of these rooms use the bathrooms and toilets at the end of the street.

  • Shared bathroom outside
  • Central heating system
  • Wi-fi

White Room

The room is not white actually, the name comes from the color of the door. Made with old red bricks, sees the courtyard and the mountain covered with olive trees maybe has the most beautiful view in the medrese. 6 people can comfortably stay there.

  • Shared bathroom outside.
  • Central heating system.
  • Wi-fi.

Dormitory a.k.a The Medrese Hostel

Our first child. It has 4m height and 50m2 area. It is a spacious dormitory with stone walls, red bricked roof and elaborately constructed floor. It is light and very comfortable even when it is crowded (it can host 18 people) due to its huge volume.

  • Shared bathroom outside
  • Central heating system
  • Wi-fi

Room with the Column

One of the German carpenters who helped us to finish our roof wanted to give us a memory and constructed this wonderful spiral column for one week. This room is the royal suite of the Medrese. We proudly announce that famous folk and jazz musician Erkan Oğur was the first resident in this room.

There is a double and a single bed in the room but there is enough space to add a bed if necessary.

  • Private bathroom inside
  • Central heating system
  • Wi-fi

Corner Rooms

These are the first private rooms that we have constructed. We have been hosting our instructors in these rooms up to now. Recently we have added a pretty mezzanine in one of these rooms. One of these rooms can have two single beds or one double bed the other can be two single beds or one single plus one double bed.

  • Shared bathroom for 2 rooms.
  • Central heating system.
  • Wi-fi.

Corridor Rooms

These are the rooms that we constructed after we finished the 2nd floor’s roof. We tried to make these rooms more comfortable compared to the olders. These rooms see the courtyard. There is a tiny corridor in front of the rooms so that the sunlight comes in indirectly. So the rooms are both light and cool. These rooms are for 1 or 2 people but for some special occasions they can be arranged for up to 6 people if necessary.

  • Private bathroom inside
  • Central heating system
  • Wi-fi


Our kitchen is a spacious one, near our big living space. We have a talented cook who loves her job: Mrs. Deniz Doğan. With her assistant Olcay they cook the veggies that we have picked with our own fair hands from Selçuk bazaar or from our own garden. We have a vegetarian friendly menu. Even if we have meat in the menu we cook it in a different pot, thinking about our vegetarian guests.

Toilets & Bathrooms

In the first summer we had just wooden folding screens between the bathrooms. Year by year our bathrooms get more comfortable. Although we are very careful with the consumption of water we have hot water for 24 hours a day.

Working Spaces

Oğuz Atay Hall a.k.a Great Hall

The space that  we cannot share and even fight to rehearse in it. We claim that it is impossible for a performer to stop the temptation to rehearse, play, sing or dance when he/she sees the space. 200 m2 and has  7 meters length. There is a narthex which softens the sunlight. Floor is covered by tatami mats. The walls are made by stones and old bricks which gives one the impression that he/she is rehearsing in an ancient space. Its acoustic is (just coincidentally) very good. So good that it made some of our musician friends to record an album here at the Medrese.

Adalet Ağaoğlu Hall a.k.a – White Hall

It is almost big as the Great Hall. 180m2 and has 6 meters length. We have finished this hall in 2015 summer after we finished the construction of the roof. Floor is covered with tatami mats. We think of parqueting the floor next year. It has central heating system.


Our first child. After the construction of the bigger halls we find it a little small. But we shall not be unthankful. For a movement training, this studio hosted 16 actors who were dancing, running and moving in the space without any problems. Inspirational stone masonry and the architecture that preserves privacy provides the concentration necessary for the work. 50m2, 4mt length, tatami floor.

Grass Courtyard

A 800m2 grass area, seems like endless and merging with the mountains far away… It is ideal for the early morning working sessions, practising yoga while  watching the sun rise or in the late afternoon to work in the breeze. You may just want to lie down and watch the stars; just beware of the sprinklers which start suddenly at midnight.


This was totally unlooked-for but suited very well. During the construction, we realized that the hill is there ready for an amphitheater. We did not have the chance to construct a circular structure so with the inspiration from the ancient city Priene, we created a “bouleuterion” with 250 seats and 90m2 stage area. This place that we call it amphitheater anyway, hosted lots of performances, concerts, workshops, evening chats under the stars.

Behram Yiğit Library

We were dreaming about a library since the first day of the Medrese. A library focused on world and Turkish theater and performance arts. In the 3rd year of construction we could put a roof over the place that we thought as the library area. When we have some money we’ll construct the shelves. Our library does not have a wide range of sources but we can promise you a peaceful working atmosphere with a magnicifent view. We wanted to honour Behram Yiğit, whom we lost in 2012 and who loved to read, by giving his name to our library.

We can assure you that the living and working spaces are much more beautiful than their photographs.

Hope to see you at the courtyard.